We are dedicated to delivering you affordable and quality hair accessories while providing exceptional customer service. We want you to be happy. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. 


    Our scrunchies and headbands are handmade meticulously with love and care. We use the finest material. We perform a quality check before we ship out our products to our customers. Our suppliers for our hair clips are carefully sourced for quality and meet our ethical standards.


    Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We treat others with respect and equally. We believe in owning up to our mistake and taking accountability. We will deliver what we say we will do. We are honest with our customers and want you to feel trusted and valued. 


    We are committed to minimizing plastic waste and using recyclable materials in our packaging, striving to leave as little impact on the earth as possible. All packaging are made with recycled materials.


    10% of profit goes to supporting Save the Children every year.


    We believe every child deserves access to healthcare, clean water, food, shelter, love and education. 

    We also believe that each purchase made at Masey Boo should serve a purpose for those in need. Together, we are making a difference for children all around the world.

    We cannot do all of this without you. I am grateful for your support. I truly believe that the values set here will help all of us spread more love and light in this world. 

    With gratitude,